The idea of creating an association started during the winter of 1994. Danielle Tetreault, her husband Marcel Bouthillier of Marieville and Andre Tetrault of Rougemont, following their research on Louis Tetreau and his family, discussed the possibility of gathering all their descendants.

In April 1995, they brought together eleven people who were enthusiastic about the association. A provisional committee was formed and the steps of incorporation began the following fall. The incorporation was obtained on November 2nd, 1995.

The first assembly took place in November 1996 and 450 people attended it. The first Annual General Meeting was held at Marieville in April 1997 and the first Board of Directors was elected. Danielle Tetreault Bouthillier became the first President.

The presidents

1997-2000 Danielle Tétreault-Bouthillier (002)

2000-2001 Marcel Bouthillier (009)

2001-2002 Danielle Tétreault-Bouthillier (002)

2002-2005 André Tétreault (013)

2005-2006 André Tétrault (001)

2006-2007 Jacqueline Gazaille-Tétreault (154)

2007-2009 Jean-Marie Tétrault (084)

2009-2011 André Tétreault (013)

2011-2013 Michelle Tétreault (191)

2013-2015 André Tétreault (013)

2017-2019 Michelle Tétreault (191)

2019-2021 André Tétreault (013)

2021-2023 Robert Tétreault (325)

2023-         Robert Tétreault (325)

Thanks Gene !

If we have been able to share some knowledge of the lives of our ancestors, it is due to the work of some truly passionate genealogists who are members of the ADLT. Among them is our wonderful Gene. Since 1961, he has compiled thousands of pieces of information about the descendants of Louis Tetreau. Moreover, he has shared his knowledge with great generosity. 

There are few families named Tétreau, Tatro, Tétreault, Tétrault, and Thétrault who have not been subject to his research. His voluminous research can be found in many libraries and historical societies. 

At the age of 91, he travelled hundreds of kilometers by car from Newbury, Massachusetts, to be with us for the 20th anniversary, as he had done numerous times in the past.To show him our admiration and to modestly acquit ourselves of our debt of gratitude, our president presented him with a plaque.

Murielle Tétreault

Board of directors

The association is managed by a board of five administrators. An administrator is elected for two years. 

The Board of Directors for the year 2023 is as follows

  • Robert Tétreault (325), president
  • André Tétreault (13),  vice president
  • Pierre Tétreault (322), treasurer
  • Murielle Tétreault (113), secretary
  • Jean-Louis Tétrault (23), administrator