Tetreau gathering May 25-26, 2024

The Association des Descendants de Louis Tetreau (ADLT) is proposing to hold a gathering of the descendants of Louis Tetreau and Noelle Landeau during the weekend of Saturday May 25th (in Old Montréal) and Sunday May 26th of 2024 (in Verchères) in the Province of Québec. We are calling it Rendez-Vous 2024.

Please note: This a proposed gathering that will only take place if sufficient interest is expressed. We will need your feedback as soon as possible.

Why Old Montréal and Verchères?

Old Montréal (saturday May 25)

Late in their lives, our ancestors Louis Tetreau and Noelle Landeau relocated to Ville-Marie (today’s Old Montréal). Some of the proposed sites that we plan to visit:

  • Louis actually owned a piece of land in Old Montréal in the late 1690s. The street where his house stood still exists today.
  • The Pointe-à-Callière museum was built over the (still visible) remains of the some of the original city walls of Ville-Marie (Montréal).
  • The Maison Saint-Gabriel, built around 1660 and rebuilt in 1692, is the oldest house in Montréal. It housed the “Filles du Roi” (King’s daughters) who, from 1663-1673, arrived from France to marry men in Ville-Marie. This was the house where the young women worked and were trained to become, just a few months later, good and useful partners for the pioneers of Ville-Marie.
  • Notre-Dame-de-Bons-Secours chapel housing the museum for Marguerite Bourgeois, the nun who founded the Congregation of Notre-Dame and who oversaw the training and lodging requirements for the “Filles du Roi”.

Verchères (Sunday May 26)

At least four of Louis and Noelle’s children (eldest daughter Marie and sons Daniel, Jacques and Joseph-Marie) relocated to Verchères and raised their families in the Verchères area.

We will hold our Annual General Assembly that morning and have some presentations on some of the Tetreau children who lived in Verchères. After lunch, we plan a tour of local historic sites:

  • Daniel Tetreau’s house
  • The old windmill
  • The monument to local heroine “Madeleine de Verchères”, a young woman who fought off the Iroquois. Come hear her story.
  • See the islands in the St. Lawrence River where some of the Tetreau sons owned land

Additional information will be provided soon regarding the following: suggested accommodations, organized bus transportation to and from Verchères, musical entertainment in Verchères, meals, guided walking tours of Old Montréal, etc.

Are you interested in attending?

Please contact us