Vicky Rose Tetreault 

Vicki (Louise) Tetreault (Vocal Artist & Songwriter), was born in the Holyoke, Massachusetts. She moved to the French speaking province of Quebec. She was nurtured in a lifestyle of ethnic traditions, languages, and cultures. Writing since the age of sixteen; she ultimately created a tapestry of her life, music, spirit, and soul.

She starts with small movie roles such as Yves Perez film “Times Could Have Been Better” in (2001), and another one by André Mélançon. The oldest well established musical theater group, “Quebec City Art Company” invited Vicki to join their troupe, where aficionados took notice of her voice. Vic-ki is now quickly gaining attention & experience leading to an unforeseen opportunity to work with Shania Twain.

Shania's concert promo team including radio station CHIK 98.9 FM garnished much media exposure for listeners to vote for a local talent to sing in her special concert. Stations auditioned, fans voted, and local talent singer/songwriter Vicki Tetreault won 1st Prize, singing “If you’re Not in It for Love”! Vicki sang Shania's song “What Made You Say That?” in front of hundreds of concert goers.

In year 1999 Vicki recorded a cover demo under the name “Vicki Rose”. She also wrote, produced and recorded her 1st CD of original material entitled “Believe Again”. Ultimately she returned to her roots, to experiment with different styles of music reflective of her life, spirituality, and her culture.

Vicki continued to work with the country rock format, performing in various venues & concerts throughout Quebec, Montreal, Florida, Las Vegas, & Massachusetts. The format didn’t fuel her soul; the interpretation seemed too easy, conforming and mechanical. It didn't reflect her life experiences and emotional setbacks. It was again time for Vicki to stretch her wings and decided to experiment with Alternative rock. In 2003, she be-came the lead vocal for an alternative rock group named “Inverness”. The music fed her soul.

Later she joined forces with a highly sought after production/song writing team Vincenzo Thoma & Simona Peron, a team well known for their success working with upcoming talent. “Vicki Rose” recorded "Keep on Living". This 1st collaboration yielded nothing short of a sonic punch in the mouth. It represented her life, providing healing, closure, and solidified her artistic perspective on a new level. Vicki was now unbounded with fresh ideas recording “Eyes” & “Summer of our Love” with this successful collaboration.

Vicki was introduced to Deb Ferrara, an ASCAP Popular Music award winner in 2003 and 2004, who quickly penned some songs for Vicki. Ms. Ferrara, spotlighted in the September 25, 2004 edition of Billboard magazine, proudly singled out Vicki as one of the next new & upcoming artists recording her material. Together they wrote “5ive Minutes”. Deb also wrote “Loving You”, “Lie To Me Tonight”, “Marry Me”, and “Crying”. Vicki collaborated with other publishers and recorded, “Just another Slap in the Face” by Charles P. Hurowitz, then

Vicki included previous recordings “Please Don't Say”, and “7 Spirits” under the label ”Vicki Taytro”. With her wings stretched, she began to understand her passion as a vocal artist and a songwriter.

Contributors: Susan Frances, Vicki Rose, Brian Mason and respectfully Memere Rose.